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Minnemera is a digital cognitive screening tool which, through self-administered tests and immediate delivery of results, helps clinical practitioners detect cognitive deviations using automatic comparisons with normative data and individual baseline values.

Replacing resource-heavy screening processes

Stress and memory related illnesses are a growing problem. Yet, today’s screening methods require a lot of resources and lack finesse. With Minnemera’s digital tool, large-scale cognitive screening can be carried out in an early phase in the healthcare process, meaning that more patients can receive the right care in time. Furthermore, healthcare staff avoid having to do the administrative tasks that today’s analogue tests require. 

The tests are evidence-based, generating data for doctors and psychologists for further analysis and decisions on possible remittance. They take 45 minutes to complete and do not require a test leader. Patients without impairments receive a baseline value which is of great benefit later if it transpires that the patient is later diagnosed.

Minnemera can be used by all healthcare institutions working with neurocognitive impairments, from drop-in clinics to psychiatric clinics and inpatient hospitals. At present, the service is being piloted at a number of health centres in Sweden. 

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The digital format means that more people can been screened and receive the right care.



The service is easy to use, for both healthcare professionals and patients of all ages.



The service has a high reliability level as all tests are carried out the exact same way.